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4 februari, 2016

At last week’s Open House, we received the following questions:

faq open house

Here are the answers to these and other FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about VRG Djursholm:

  1.  How long is a lesson?  Most lessons are 2 hours and 40 minutes.
  2.  Do all students come from the same area?  Most of our students come from the north-eastern part of Stockholm (Danderyd, Täby, Vallentuna, Vaxholm, Solna and Stockholm city)
  3.  How much English is there at your school?  VRG is a bilingual school.  In our Spets English program, approximately 85% of the program is in English.  In Natural Science and Economy, approximately 25% of the program (over three years) is in English.
  4. How many hours/lessons during the week are with a teacher?  All classes at VRG Djursholm are led by teachers.
  5. Are some of the classes in ”half class”?  if so, which ones?  Math groups, lab science groups and aesthetic groups are most often in smaller groups.  In additional, some individual choice courses are in smaller groups.
  6. How large are the classes?  A full class at VRG is 30 students.
  7. What type of homework support is offered?  We offer after school support groups called ”stugor” in math, modern languages, sciences, etc.  In addition, we offer individual and group support sessions based on need.
  8. Are there any extracurricular activities at school?  Our school offers many different activities via elevkår, debate, choir, sports and specific student interest groups.  In addition, we have many schoolwide activities:  ping-pong tournaments, VRG Olympics, sports days and inspiring guest lecturers – all of which contribute to building community -”gemenskap”.
  9. How long are the days?  8.30 – 16.00
  10. How is the food at VRG?  We have a fresh and healthy lunch each day consisting of an abundant salad bar, two main courses and bread.  Klein’s catering is our food provider. All of our meals are prepared here in our own kitchen.
  11.  Why should I choose VRG?  Choose our school if you want an engaging and challenging high school program where everyone, both teachers and students, want to achieve a lot.  Choose VRG if you want a creative learning environment where you are pushed to think and solve problems.  Choose VRG if you want a bilingual school where you can build your communication skills in both English and Swedish so that you are prepared to be successful at the university either here in Sweden or abroad.  Choose VRG because you want to be a part of a school that values warmth, respect and community (värme, respekt och gemenskap)
  12. What courses do you offer in the individual choices/electives?  Rhetorics, International Relations, Sports, Music, Art, Astronomy, Finance, Forensics, Philosophy, Programming and more …
  13. How large is your teacher turnover each year?  We have many teachers who have been at VRG Djursholm for many years.  We do have teachers who leave our school for parental leave or to change to one of our other VR schools.  On average, we have between 3 – 5% turnover.
  14. In the economy program, is there a connection with the business community?  Yes, in our Economy program, all students have a mentor company.  Students follow the same mentor company for three years.
  15. Is it possible to combine elite sports training with studies at VRG?  Yes, we offer Sports Specialization courses which allow students to get course credit for their training outside of school.

Do you have other questions about VRG Djursholm?  Ask us:  info@vrg.se



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