VRG Odenplan celebrate European Language Day

European Language Day was celebrated at VRG Odenplan to highlight language education as valuable, exciting, and enjoyable.



The celebration was established through a series of workshops on the 24th of September. The workshops culminated in a lecture by the well-known Sara Lövestam, who is an author, grammar enthusiast and former language teacher.

In addition, the students started a project in which all year-1 students go through a general grammar course that will be branching off into the particular requirements of Swedish/English/French/German/Spanish.

The focus permeated the whole week at the school, with the canteen preparing food from the associated European countries, films shown during lunch breaks, and lunch-time concert presented by year-3 students singing in the related languages. The student union ran language Kahoot’s, and a group from the year-1 language students had arranged posters associated with their languages, for presentation on Viktor’s plateau. 

VRG Odenplan looks forward to revisiting the celebration of The European Language Day next year with further workshops and activities.


VRG Odenplan Lignustic team.


Posters arranged by year-1 students.


Lunch time concert by year-3 students.

European Language Day workshop at VRG Odenplan

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