What do year 9 students wonder about when they are looking for a good high school?

1 december, 2016

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On November 30, we welcomed more than  400 prospective students and parents to our school for an Info Night.  At the start of the schoolwide presentation, students and parents were asked what would you like to know more about during your visit?

We received the following questions:


See full results here>>Here are the answers to all of these important questions:

We weren’t able to answer all of the questions during the presentation.  Here are the answers to all questions.

  1. Is it difficult with so much English?  VRG is a bilingual school.  We learn in both English and Swedish.  Teachers have a great deal of experience supporting students who study in a second language. You do not have to be ”good” in English when you start, but you will be ”great” when you finish your three years at our school.  
  2.  How many art course are included in the Art Profile? 3
  3.  How is it to have such long lessons?  Our lessons are typically 2 hours and 40 minutes long.  Having extended lesson time gives us the opportunity to really focus in each class.  We have time to go off campus on study visits or combine theory and practicals in the lab.  There is always a break during this long lesson and the teachers plan a variety of activities so that you will never be bored.
  4.  How is the atmosphere in the classes?  Students support each other.  The most successful classes at VRG are the ones who work together.  We all like to learn.  We work hard, but we do it together – so it is fun.
  5.  Which languages do you offer? Chinese, French, Spanish, German
  6.  What does the Natural Science program offer? This program offers a focus on Math, Physics, Biology and Chemistry.  In addition, you choose electives such as Programming, Forensics and Advanced Math.  Perhaps the best part about our Science program is that we lab a lot!
  7.  Does your school offer computers?  In that case, which ones?  Yes, students can bring their own laptop or borrow from school.  We offer PCs to all year 1 students.
  8.  Does VRG Djursholm work with the other VRG schools?  Yes, all VR Schools have the same guiding principles.  We share courses, teachersand facilities.  We work together to ensure fair grading by comparing classroom work and assessments.  We help each other.
  9.  How many students are there in each class? 30
  10.  How long are the school days? 8.40 – 16.00
  11. Does each class have their own mentor? yes
  12. Does the school provide lunch? yes, salad bar, vegetarian/vegan alternatives every day
  13. Does every class go on class trips? no
  14. Does your school use English textbooks? yes, in some subjects
  15. What are students most/least satisfied with at VRG Djursholm?  According to our internal surveys, students are most satisfied with the quality of teachers.  In our last School Council, students identified using many different IT platforms as challenging and wished we would review this and consider streamlining to improve the information flow.
  16. Which municipalities do students at your school typically come from?  Approximately 65% of our students come from Northeast Stockholm – Danderyd, Täby, Vaxholm, Vallentuna, etc and 35% come from other parts of the city
  17. How many students will be admitted to the Natural science program in HT2017? 60
  18. Do Spets English and the Economy program qualify students for an engineering program at the University?  For a graduate to go on to study an engineering program, they would need to study the Natural Science program
  19. What does the Economy program offer?  Read about our mentor company program here>>

In the past we have received more FAQs, you can read them here>>

Class of 2020 – Welcome to VRG!

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