Student exchange leads to real learning – reflections from our Tanzanian guests

18 december, 2016

During the past two weeks, we have had the honor to host 8 students and 1 teacher from our partner school, Barbro Johansson School in Tanzania.  During their visit, they have visited classes, played in the snow, tried winter sports, attended concerts, enjoyed Lucia and glögg and much, much more.  Read their reflections below:


Hey, I am Rukia an exchange student from Barbro Johansson to Viktor Rydberg Gymnasium and I think that this exchange program is very nice because I’ve learned very many nice things like the gender equality present in Sweden is very positive and the people here are very nice such as the Mannerfords who are tzbmy family here. I have loved the place sincerely and this program should proceed its good work. I suggest that a board of exchange students should be formed so as to assist the program when needed as they have experienced the program and may add something.


My name is Bryony Wilhelm Karia. I am here at Viktor Rydberg Gymnasium in Sweden for an exchange program for about eleven days.My stay at Sweden has been very wonderful with a lot of new experiences and adventures including the weather which I tzdthink is so nice compared to Tanzania where it’s too hot – a degree of  about 26, also the food here is so sweet for example tacos, also the people here are so charming like the Mannerfords are so  loving I love them so much.I would like to come back here someday and I thank tzeeverybody at large who enabled the trip to be a successful one. I have also attached pictures doing some activities.




My name is Ena Robinson Mwanjela. I am 16 years old and I study at Barbro Johansson tzfmodel girls secondary school located in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.We are in an exchange program in Stockholm Sweden.The program has shown me different differences between Tanzania and Sweden, for example, weather, transport and communication, teaching skills and even food but also Christmas celebration.I have learned a lot from the program and also I am grateful for it.




My name is Maria Charles. I am a student of an exchange program between Barbro Johansson Model Girls Secondary School and Viktor Rydberg Secondary School. My stay at Sweden has been amazing. I have had a wonderful host family. The Byman have been so welcoming and tzg

tzhhave made me feel at home . I have made amazing friends like Chase and Alice. I have also gotten an opportunity of trying out new things that I cannot do back in my home country like snowball fighting, sledding etc. I have also tried new food like the Christmas porridge, Risotto which have an amazing taste. I have also seen animals like wolves which are not available in Tanzania.I have got an opportunity to experience the Swedish learning techniques which I have grown fond of since they base on growing a student’s confidence. This exchange program is very helpful and I hope that in the future it will grow to bigger a bigger thing.

LisaBeth Maxon Temu

tziMy visit to Viktor Rydberg Gymnasium has been a great tour to me. I have learned quite many things with the few days I had here…

I got to attend a few classes and grasped new ideas that I had no idea about, I got to understand the Swedish Educational Curriculum which is quite different from Tanzania’s. The students were friendly and easy going as were sharing ideas and experiences of where we come from which has made me feel more welcome here in Viktor Rydberg.

I do hope that the friendship cooperation that we both have between Barbro School and Viktor Rydberg shall expand towards increasing more exchange program visits in both Tanzania and Sweden.


tzjMy name is Beatrice Musuba Matuntera. I have been in Sweden for about ten days with Viktor Rydberg being my host .  I have liked the weather since back home its too hot .  I thank them for their hospitality ,  I have enjoyed all activities I have enjoyed all activities I have done and all the memories they will bring a positive impact in my life .  I am one hundred percent grateful. I have attached my pictures doing different attractions here in Sweden.



My name is Consolata Amani an exchange student from Barbro Johansson school in Tanzania . I lived with the Duberg family( Melker, Annika, Hannes, Stinna, Nils and Bunsen). The family is so loving and caring I really enjoyed staying with them. I also visited the Lallo family which hosted me 3yrs ago and we were all so happy to see each other . I had a wonderful time full of adventure and new experience and also made new friends.  I am happy with the food here and am glad I had the opportunity to visit Taxinge where I tasted lots of Swedish dishes like the shrimps, salmon fish and many other dishes and they are so delicious. I also liked the big band concert they are really cool . I really like the weather here it’s cold compared to Tanzania where it’s very hot (32°c) and I also like the fact that there is gender equality between the male and female. I like how they conduct their classes there is more love and the do most of the things practically. I am happy to be here since it gave me an exposure to a lot of things that I didn’t know but above all I thank very much the Duberg family and I love them a lot.



My name is Lydia Costa a form six student from Barbro Johansson . I am glad being a visitor of Viktor Rydberg . I am very very happy with Swedish people since the country is in peaceful in tzpmanner, mostly I enjoyed classes in Sweden were I learned different issues like language,  culture  of enjoying Christmas and gender equality. I loved the games of bounce and free jumping. Lastly I had funny with my host Ludving Nilson of making snow house that was amazing. I am real, real happy with my host members which are Eva ,Gerge, Iinnea and Ludving thanks for them.


Thistz-flag exchange program has been going on for four years.  With Tanzanian students traveling to VRG and VRG students traveling to Tanzania.  Students who talk to, listen to, and seek to understand each other through real exchange leads to real learning.

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