Learning by doing … Swedish presentations about language variation

21 november, 2016


During their first quarter, year 1 students have studied language variation – subject-specific vocabulary, texting abbreviations/emojis, loan words from other languages, accents, how language changes depending on the situation and more…

[wpvideo Gypb2G4k]

Instead of just reading about the different aspects of Swedish, students were encouraged to really ”check it out.”  In groups of three or four, students were assigned different aspects of the Swedish language to study.  Students were required to not only search and summarize information about their language variation, but also to conduct a survey to report on in an oral presentation.  Many groups did surveys and conducted interviews.  For these students, this was their first oral presentation in their Swedish course.

[wpvideo yBvuovTM]

By leaving the classroom, investigating themselves and then synthesizing the newly learned information, students were able to learn in a ”real and relevant” way.
Thanks for sharing Helena and year 1 students!
This is just one of the many ways we ”entertain the brain”. #hjärnanvillharoligt

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