Grow Trees Grow … Graduation 2017

12 juni, 2017

A day filled with photos, memories, smiles, tears, stories, speeches and song … it was truly a day to remember!

Songs at lunch …

[wpvideo PxmH0mKb]

Kristy’s speech:

The day has finally arrived … your graduation day.  All of your hard work and daily efforts for 12 years has led to this day.  There are very few things you do once in your life, graduate from high school is one of them.  This is indeed a special day.

You have already received a great deal of advice, you have the knowledge and skills from your many courses, you are ready.  I know that some of you are nervous, excited, happy, melancholy and anxious … Today, it falls to me talk to you about what is on the other side, the other side of that great big door you will run out of today.

It’s like you are tree.  You started as a small plant way back in 2005. As an eager little plant you started your growing journey of classes, games, fritids, study trips, mentor meetings, exams, avslutning ceremonies, friendships, conflicts, sports, music, art – all of these activities, all of these phases are part of the growing process and are what has brought you here today.  You have had many garderners (teachers and family) who have made sure that you have had sunlight and water and space to grow.  

During these 12 years, as a plant you have now grown to become a tree.  Some of you have grown in crooked ways with funny branches, some of you have needed your branches clipped from time to time to help you grow further.  Yet, all of you have become real trees – some of you are fruit trees, some are flowering trees and some of you are evergreens.  The reality is we are all different, as trees we all grow in our own way.  This is the beauty of diversity in our forest.

Today, at 14.00, you will run out of our school for the last time, you will cross over to the other side.  To our side … As a graduate, as an adult, as a tall tree, there are a few things you should know …

  1. One important point to remember is that as a tall tree you are responsible to shade and aid smaller trees, help them … share with them your knowledge, shade them from too much sun 
  2. Also, good to know, is that when the wind blows and when storms come (and they will!) know that your trunk will hold, you will still stand no matter what … the trick is to dig your roots in.  You see your roots are your values.  Whenever times are hard and we are challenged, it will be your values that see you through.  As time goes on, your roots will grow deeper.  
  3. You should also know that on the other side (adulthood), all trees work together.  Our network of roots intertwines beneath the surface – this makes us all stronger.  You see no matter which type of tree, we all rely on our values to get along and build our forest together.  Above ground we can look very different, but under the surface, we are all alike and need each other
  4. This is important to remember when and if you pull up your roots and move elsewhere to study or work … no matter where you live, dig your roots in … be active and kind and caring and honest … these “roots” are valued no matter where your tree grows
  5. Trees never stop growing … so even if you grow crooked or all your leaves fall off, forget your responsibilities, there is more to come.  There will be many opportunities for you, some you will miss and some you will realize.  Don’t fret over the missed opportunities, trees never stop growing.  With time, new branches and new chances always present themselves.

Now, I know you join me in thanking the “gardeners” who have supported you along your three years here.  They have watered, taken care of and pruned (when needed) to make sure that you had the perfect growing environment, the perfect learning environment.  Gardeners, all of your hard work “digging in the dirt” has really paid off.

And, on behalf of all of us, know that we are so proud of you.  We are so proud of your accomplishments.  We are proud of the trees you have become.  

Today, when you run through those doors, what you will hear are cheers of joy and “go, VRG, go”.  Please know that what we are really saying is “grow, trees, grow”.

Songs (and dances) in the aula …

[wpvideo 4sLTAfTL]

And, then they were gone.

Best of luck – Class of 2017









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