Groups playing games – Quizlet Live makes math revision engaging!

4 november, 2016

img_0049For many years, students have used Quizlet to review basic concepts and definitions. And, teachers have used Kahoot for in-class interactive quizzes.  This year, our math teachers have started using Quizlet Live to get the best of both worlds.

Quizlet is a review tool based on concepts and definitions or problems and solutions.  Students can match questions to answers via flashcard review, games, practice tests or worksheet review online from any device.  Quizlet Live offers teachers a way to bring this interactive practice into the classroom.

Here’s a video (from Quizlet Live) explaining the tool’s features:
[vimeo 161809207 w=640 h=360]

We use the tool like this:IMG_0041.JPG

  1. Students login via given code
  2. Students are randomly assigned a group to work with
  3. Game starts – the same question appears on every screen in the group, however, the answer is only on one of the group member’s screens; which means they must discuss and compare to know who has the right answer
  4. img_0045A winner’s board is displayed on teacher computer (on projector screen). Each group moves forward one step for every right answer; if the group misses a question they go back to zero
  5. The winning group is the group who answers every question correctly first
  6. Finally, Quizlet Live produces a slideshow of most frequently missed questions and often ”wrong” answers allowing the teacher an easy wrap-up and review activity

Our math teachers have used this tool for algebra review, extended challenges with img_0047functions and graphs and complicated equations.  Because students have each other as resources, this tool allows us to challenge our students further than we can in more traditional class discussions.  Our teachers have time to go around from group to group to listen and engage in meaningful discussions.

Best of all, students are engaged 100% the entire time!

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