During a non-traditional exam, students solve challenges of global warming

27 maj, 2016

Env. Conf. 4In a recent seminar, students were challenged to use their skills from their Natural Science and their Social Science class to manage the challenges of global warming.  By using a computer simulation program, students wereEnv. Conf. 1 able to test the long-term climate impacts of policy decisions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  Students used the C-ROADS simulator as a catalyst for their discussions.

croadsThe C-ROADS simulator is able to make predictions about the levels of future global warming.

During the seminar, students represented different countries and negotiated with each other in order to reach a global agreement to cut emissions and help finance those countries that might find these targets difficult to reach.

Env. Conf. 7The students were tested on their ability to account for the problems associated with climate change, as well as developing arguments for how the problem might be resolved. This involved understanding the key terms and concepts related to climate change from both their Natural Science and their Social Science Env. Conf. 5courses. They also trained some of their ”real world” skills such as negotiation and compromise.
During the seminar, students worked in groups. This unit will end with a written, in-class reflection about what the students themselves feel they have learned during the process.
Env. Conf. 12
At a stressful time of year when many other courses are running lengthy exams, this was a welcome Env. Conf. 3alternative to more traditional assessments.
Students were able to learn (and be tested)  in a social, active, engaging and challenging environment without undue stress or academic overload.
Very cool!

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