English 6 students at VRG Djursholm debated global issues - with opponents online from the State of Qatar. The Friendly Online Debate was co-organized by VRG Djursholm teacher Micheline Grönlund.


Micheline Grönlund is teaching English at Viktor Rydbergs gymnasium Djursholm, and has contact with the English teacher Jaya Majumder who is also the debate coach at DPS Modern Indian School, in Doha, Qatar. The two teachers together organized the Friendly Online Debate in which our VRGD students participated.

English 6 students from VRG Djursholm participated in an engaging debate which allowed technology to connect young people across the world, across timelines to examine meaningfully the importance of climate to global development and security. Representing the opposition side, our VRGD debaters were passionate and their voices were filled with conviction as they engaged in clash and refutation. First-time debaters Philip Axelsson, William Mellander, Valdemar Hjalmar supported by teammate Theodor de Leeuw and coached by Micheline Grönlund rose to the occasion and were compelling and argumentatively robust as they presented their ideas to an attentive digital audience.

Greta Thunberg, the youth activist urged world leaders to act on climate during the World Economic Forum in Davos, January 2020, using the following words: ’Our house is on fire’. Our school debaters argued for and against the power of her ideas, and how we can all be activists for climate change. Young people like Greta can persuade and argue in an invigorating manner. Through our international debate, we proved that we are all global change agents!

Feedback sessions were given from a panel of international judges from the following countries: Singapore, U.A.E, Canada, Bermuda Islands, U.S.A., Czech Republic and Tanzania.


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