Pulse Training is an important component of our Student Care Program at VRSD

27 september, 2018

Pulse Training is an important component of our Student Care Program at VRSD

After the successful pilot of pulse training last year, VRS Djursholm is set to offer pulse training to 6 classes this year. Pulse training is an additional activity period where students engage in activities that raise their pulse for 20-30 minutes. Most of these activity periods are scheduled for first thing in the morning.

Pulse training at VRS Djursholm started as a pilot project last year. Read more here.
Activities such as jogging, ball sports, circuit training, cycling and orientation engage the students to “get moving.” And, when they do that, it can lead to better concentration later in the day. Researchers in Sweden have compared boys/men who did their military service between 1950 – 1976. They discovered that the better the oxygen consumption, the better the performance. You can read more here.

“We know it is supposed to good for us … my parents said this is really important … it is just a bit tough at 8.15 on a Monday morning.  But, once we are here, it is really fun.”

                                                                                                              -7th-grade student, new to VRSD


Student health and wellness is an important aspect of our overall Student Care Program at VR Schools. It is our hope that the benefits of these extra activity periods extend into the classroom as well. The project leaders will follow up this program with both student surveys for opinion and engagement, as well as classroom impact.

For more information, you can contact: jonas.karnstrom@vrg.se

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